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Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable High End Digital Hearing Aid Technology

ReSound.Enya718If you’re looking for an affordable option to better hearing, ReSound’s new ENYA hearing aids deliver clear speech and listening comfort.  Discreet size and comfortable fit make hearing again a pleasant and affordable experience. Control volume and program your devices from a simple ReSound app loaded to your smartphone. It’s an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice performance or quality.

Hear Better, Live Better

Life is about our interactions, our experiences and our memories. And hearing well is implicit in creating life’s memories. When the auditory nerves are not stimulated or stimulation to them decreases, life becomes less rich: our interactions are compromised or stop altogether; our experiences are limited; creating new memories slows or completely halts when our hearing is compromised. Full participation in life is dependent on good hearing. Don’t let price worries or inferior devices or service prevent you from hearing at your best. Our affordable hearing aids keep you fully engaged in life by helping you hear better.

At Pittsburgh Audiology, affordable hearing doesn’t mean compromising service. You’ll be treated by a Doctor of Audiology, an expert in diagnosing and treating hearing loss. We’ll test and most importantly we’ll verify your hearing aid fitting using Real Ear Analysis. Our gold standard  “Best Practices” fitting protocol sets our practice apart. We are passionate about giving each patient the opportunity to hear their best in all situations.

With ReSound Enya you’ll receive our 30-day no-risk trial as part of our Complete Hearing Healthcare.  We focus on providing affordable options without compromising the service you need and deserve to hear your very best.