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Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids: A Doctor or a Chain Store?

  • Most of us have shopped at chain store for their big selection and low prices on everyday consumables like breakfast cereal or big bags of flour. Hearing aids are one of the items you might find in a warehouse superstore. However a hearing aid is not something that can be pulled off the shelf like your favorite brand of ketchup.

    Treating Hearing Loss

    Addressing a hearing loss starts with a complete picture of your hearing abilities and difficulties. Our doctors look at your medical history, discuss your personal challenges and conduct a series of hearing and speech recognition tests in order to develop the best treatment plan for you.

    Proper Fit

    Hearing aid technology is only as good as the person that fits the device. Each ear is unique and so is the hearing loss. Creating a good fit is important to getting the maximum benefit from your device. It also takes expertise to program your hearing aid to address gaps in your hearing ability. At Pittsburgh Audiology, we take that a step further and use Real Ear Measurement to test how well you are hearing while wearing your hearing aids. But that’s only the beginning…

    Follow-up Care

    A chain store is focused on a transaction, making a sale on a low priced item and getting you out the door. That’s the convenience we choose when we load up our cart to stock our pantry at home. A hearing aid is very different however. It’s something you’ll use every day for 4 years or more. Hearing changes over time, which means your hearing aids need adjustments to keep up. And because they’re worn everyday, they’re exposed to all sorts of harsh environments which requires service and cleaning to ensure they are working properly.

    Complete Hearing HealthCare

    The hearing aid is only one part of treating hearing loss. At Pittsburgh Audiology, we provide on-going care for patients. We include free batteries for the lifetime of the hearing aid, follow-up care visits and routine cleaning care. Plus, we provide a risk-free 30-day trial period to make sure you are satisfied with the performance of your hearing aids.

    When it comes to something so vitally important to your overall well being as your hearing, you can choose a doctor or a chain store. With Pittsburgh Audiology you get more than a hearing aid, you get professionals dedicated exclusively to your hearing health. Make an appointment today at one of our 5 Pittsburgh area locations.