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Hearing Loss

Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life

  • pgh.hearing aid batteriesOne of the most frequently asked questions from patients is how can I extend hearing aid battery life? A valid concern as batteries are an essential component to hearing aids and typically need replacing every 4- 6 days.

    • When removing your hearing aid, open the battery door. This will minimize battery drain and extend the overall battery life.
    • If you won’t be using the hearing aid for an extended period of time, remove the battery entirely.
    • Avoid storing in extreme temperatures to keep from draining battery power and shortening battery life. Never store hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator. Like the hearing devices, batteries have advanced too and today’s batteries are harmed when refrigerated.
    • Only remove the plastic sticker tab when you are ready to use the battery. Once you remove the sticker tab from the back of the battery please wait 5 minutes before placing the battery into the hearing aid. By waiting 5 minutes you allow the battery to fully charge before placing it into the hearing aid. The battery begins to lose life as soon as it is exposed to air.

    Dry & Store

    We highly recommend using a Dry & Store device to safely remove moisture and clean hearing aids. While their owner’s manual does recommend leaving batteries in place during the drying cycle, several patients have told us that they have experienced longer battery life if they remove the batteries before placing them in their Dry & Store for the night. Be sure to separte the left from the right battery so you can track battery life for both devices. As always, be certain your batteries are safely out of reach from pets and small children.

    The small batteries are what allow today’s hearing aids to be small, discreet and more comfortable. Changing batteries is a part of life with hearing aids, that’s why we include batteries with most hearing aid fittings in our Complete Hearing HealthCare program. By following these simple tips you can get the best performance from your batteries.