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Hearing Loss

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a little peace and quiet every now and then? For people with a condition known as tinnitus that peace can be elusive. Tinnitus is a perceived ringing whooshing or whistling sound experienced in the ear. Most of us have experienced it briefly but for some that sound is constant, so much so that it is difficult to ignore.

    Tinnitus is caused by many things: head and neck trauma, damage to the middle or inner ear, even medications. In 4 out of 5 cases there is an associated hearing loss. It’s not fully understood what makes the ringing sound within the head, but it clearly is a disturbance for those that experience it regularly.

    Fortunately extensive research at the University of California, Irvine led to a major treatment advance. A low pulse tone, softer than the tinnitus itself was introduced to tinnitus sufferers. The patients reported relief in a matter of minutes (these are people who hadn’t found any relief in years).

    Get Effective Tinnitus Relief

    Tinnitus sound therapy is just one component of a multi modal treatment plan. Effective tinnitus treatment begins with a thorough hearing health evaluation to determine possible causes of your symptoms as well as identifying any hearing loss. Because hearing loss is present in 80% of tinnitus cases, it is important to treat the underlying hearing loss as well as providing retraining exercises and sound therapies. If you or someone close to you is bothered by tinnitus, contact us for a thorough evaluation. We can discuss treatment options including tinnitus sound therapy.