4 Occupations that Require Ear Protection

Construction Worker with Earmuffs

Of all the causes of noise-induced hearing loss, the workplace is one of the most prevalent. The majority of workplaces that leave workers at the potential risk of permanent damage to hearing provide the right ear protection to ensure that your hearing is safeguarded.

However, if you have one of these occupations and you don’t have any ear protection, you need to ask your audiologist about it as soon as possible.

Construction worker

The construction site can be a very noisy place indeed. Construction workers are regularly subjected to noises measuring over 120db. All noises over 85db leave you at risk of hearing loss. The more sustained and louder the noise is, the greater the risk. Those working directly with loud machinery are at the most risk, but even being in the same environment and working in large groups can cause hearing loss over time.

Communication is important in construction settings, so custom earplugs may be able to cut off the most dangerous sources of noise while still allowing speech and other sounds to filter through.

Manufacturing worker

The noise in the average manufacturing plant or production line might not be quite as high as what you might experience on the construction site, but it can still be harmful. At 105db, those working in both manufacturing and farming occupations are still surrounded by machinery that can cause long-term damage to their hearing. Nowadays, many varieties of personal protection gear, like helmets, come with earmuffs attached which are highly effective, covering the entirety of the ear to provide ample protection against unsafe levels of noise.

Event staff

Whether you work in the nightclub, at open-air events, or firework shows, hearing protection is a must. The crowds at loud events, like football games, can reach over 100db. Meanwhile, nightclubs can get as high as 115db. Fireworks are some of the most potentially dangerous risk factors of all, often excelling noise levels of 150db. Stand too close without any protection and a single firework could be enough to permanently damage your hearing. Even large enough crowds provide a significant risk with enough exposure, so always bring your earplugs if you’re working at any major public events.

Airport worker

Modern airplanes can produce sounds of over 140db, making them nearly as loud as fireworks and almost as likely to cause permanent hearing loss with minimal exposure. Wearing hearing protection inside the plane is not allowed, but the cabin crew and flight attendants are insulated against the sound by the hull of the plane. Those working around them or in the airport do not have the same luxury, so they must wear their own ear protection. Earplugs are more discreet than earmuffs, but the disposable kind can get uncomfortable over time, so having a custom mold made by your audiologist may be recommended.

Your audiologist can help you find the most suitable ear protection for your job, whether it’s earmuffs or custom-molded earplugs. Make an appointment today and see how you can best protect your hearing from the workplace.