Hearing Aid Leasing

Now there’s a better way to pay for new top technology hearing aids.


Our mission is to help people with hearing difficulties understand the extent of their hearing damage and provide effective rehabilitation for their hearing. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you need hearing aids at a more affordable price?
Would you like the option to upgrade your hearing aids more frequently?
Does hassle-free hearing aid coverage sound appealing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our innovative hearing aid lease program might be the right choice for you. Simply select premier hearing aids from global leader ReSound and make low monthly lease payments (starting at $99). With our innovative hearing aid lease program you receive:

Advanced hearing aid technology from ReSound

  • Full loss and damage coverage
  • Free hearing aid servicing
  • Free hearing screenings

At the end of the lease term you decide whether to purchase the devices out right or upgrade to newer technology through the lease program. Have peace of mind knowing that you are receiving advanced care from highly trained doctors of Audiology at a fixed low monthly payment. Pittsburgh Audiology is the first and only practice in the greater Pittsburgh area that offers this hearing aid lease program. Would you like to learn more about this program? Contact us today at 888-826-0950.