Complete Hearing Healthcare

We are committed to our patients’ complete satisfaction and better hearing health.  We offer our unique Complete Hearing HealthCare plan with all of our hearing aid fittings:

  • Clear Speech Guarantee- Our real ear fitting verification confirms speech mapping so that you hear the sounds you should be hearing
  • Free Batteries for the life of the of the hearing aids*
  • Scheduled follow-up visits and maintenance
  • Risk free 30-day trial Period

We are dedicated to helping patients reach the goal of true hearing rehabilitation. Hearing aids are only one step in the process to better hearing. Ongoing routine maintenance and cleaning is important to achieve optimal hearing aid performance. In addition, we recommend regular hearing testing to identify any changes in your hearing loss. Updating this information is key to keeping your hearing aids programmed properly.

“If you don’t love them, we don’t want you to keep them.”

Dr. Laura Gregory



*Some exceptions may apply.