4 Reasons to See a Hearing Health Professional

Hearing Doctors

When it comes to your hearing and ear health, there are few better places to be than in the office of a hearing health professional. They possess many talents, and there are countless reasons you might need to see one.

We’re not going to list all the possible reasons to see a hearing care provider, but we will show you the top four reasons that you should give them a call:

They conduct hearing tests

A hearing specialist can conduct thorough hearing examinations in a professional environment. This includes pure-tone tests, speech tests, middle ear examinations, and much more. By doing all of these different tests, it lets them compile some results that show whether or not you’ve got hearing loss.

Additionally, the extent of their tests means they can see precisely where your hearing loss originates from - e.g. inner or middle ear - which helps identify the cause. Following this, they can figure out the best way to treat your specific hearing problem as well.

They help with hearing aid selection

Choosing a hearing aid is much harder than you might think. There’s not just one device that works for everyone; some people prefer behind-the-ear devices, others like in-the-ear ones, and so on. If you don’t have a clue what either of these things means, then you definitely need to see a hearing health professional as they’ll describe the different types of hearing aids for you.

Furthermore, they run through all the features you can have in your device, meaning you select one with things that you actually need and use.

They provide hearing aid repairs

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for a hearing aid to break at some point. No matter how well you take care of them, the smallness of these devices means they’re prone to breaking from small bumps and bruises. Repairing any problems by yourself should be avoided as you can void the warranty and break the device completely.

Thankfully, hearing health professionals will provide these repairs for you. They take great care to ensure the right repairs are made, stopping your device from being damaged even further.

They carry out earwax removal

Your ears are supposed to generate earwax, but it’s also supposed to be soft and make it's way out of your ears naturally. Sometimes, we can make too much wax, which leads to it clogging up our ear canals and hardening. This can cause all sorts of problems like temporary hearing loss, ruptured eardrums, and a lot of pain.

If you have this problem, then you have yet another reason to see a hearing health professional! They can carry out professional and safe earwax removal that gets rid of the hard stuff and clears your ears. This can either be a one-off thing or a recurring treatment, it all depends on your earwax production.

As a summary; a hearing health professional can deal with a range of different problems. We’ve listed four reasons that you might need to see one, so don’t hesitate to contact your nearest hearing specialist if you have any of the problems discussed above.